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SC "Mtsensk Engineering Plant - KOMMASH" - is one of the leading Russian manufacturers and exporters of municipal engineering and road servicing machines.

Its history originated since 1956 from Mtsensk Mechanical plant.

For all these years the Company has been successfully expanding. At present "Mtsensk Engineering Plant - KOMMASH" has all necessary structure of the main production workshops and the developed structure of auxiliary workshops and services.

Processes of production modernization and implementation of advanced technologies, which are not inferior to those best of the world, are running constantly at the plant.

The production workshops are equipped with modern high-accuracy NPC machines, laser and plasma installations for cutting metal, multipurpose steel sheet bending presses of the world leading manufacturers. The painting workshop makes use of equipment and technologies corresponding to the highest painting quality requirements. Design and technological departments make use of the latest computer soft and hard ware. All this makes it possible to produce high quality and competitive machines.

The plant has strong standing on the market of municipal engineering and road servicing machines. The machines bearing "KOMMASH" trademark have positively shown themselves not only on domestic Russian market, but also on the markets of CIS countries and other countries of the world.

The Plant's Quality Management System has been certified to the correspondence to the requirements of standard GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008). Special attention is given to assure high quality of the plant's products. All the plant's products are certified.

More than once the Plant has got Diploma of the Program "The 100 best products of Russia".

All the machines produced by the Plant are equipped with high quality and durable hydraulics. High pressure hoses are made of armored hoses corresponding to the European standard DIN. It prevents their breaks and leakages in the places of their connection. All components and parts of the Plant's production are painted with high quality enamels before being assembled. Besides this, the parts working in increased corrosion and wear conditions, are galvanized or chromium-plated. When necessary, some parts are treated with heat. All this provides high operational quality and reliability of the Plant's products.

Technological facilities of the Plant make it possible to produce machines corresponding to the specific needs and requirements of each customer. All the produced machines are running continuous improvement. Modification of design of machines in accordance with customer's individual demands is possible.

Reliability, economical efficiency, efficient production, effectiveness, convenient operation and maintenance - main priorities of "Mtsensk Engineering Plant - KOMMASH" in production of municipal engineering and road servicing machines.

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